We're not out to change the game, we're here to show you how beautiful it truly is.

About Us

The devoted supporters are paramount to not only the success of each individual footballer, club, or league; but to football as a whole in this nation.
Whilst still a young sport in Australia compared to that of the other football codes; it has progressed substantially over the last 40-50 years.
It’s success would have deteriorated rather than prosper if not for the continued support of its major stakeholders; the fans.

FC Baller is dedicated to the people that have and continue to make the sport such a success. From the ethnic migrant communities of the 50’s & 60’s that helped shape the sport into what is it today to the newest generation of Millennials who live and breathe the code.
Football is more than just a game, it is more than 90 minutes; to many, it’s a complete and utter way of life.

FC Baller, an independent football publication produced by the fans, for the fans. We’re not out to change the game, we’re here to show you how beautiful it truly is.

Mission and Vision

To provide a true documentation of football, it’s history, progression and the passion that transcends anything on this earth with the purists experience at the centre of our work.

Our Vision:
Is to grow the largest community of football enthusiasts in Australia. To unite supporters from all clubs, colours, associations, levels, leagues and terraces. All in the name of our beautiful game.

Our Mission:
Is to tell football’s untold narratives, to educate the non-believers on what the very heart and soul of football in this nation is, and to immortalise the experiences of all football enthusiasts. To be the publication that our beautiful game deserves.

Our Future:
As we grow and expand, we endeavour to employ and work with those who share our passion and dedication. We support those within our football community and give back to the game everything it has given us.

Meet the [FC BALLER] crew!


Get to know Corina Dodovski our Editor-In-Chief, Stephen Zanatta our Online Manager and our entire team of Journalists, Photographers, Videographers, Designers and staff that keep [FC BALLER] running like a well oiled machine.


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