Gallery: SYDvPER – From The Terrace

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From The Terrace

Sydney FC (3) v Perth Glory (0)

A-League Semi Finals, Saturday 29th April 2017

Another fantastic performance from the Sky Blues last night at Allianz Stadium! The 3-0 win sends Sydney FC into their 4th Grand Final since the inception of the A-League, the second of which to be played infront of a home crowd.
The last grand final hosted by the Sky Blues was in the inaugural 05/06 season against the Central Coast Mariners. The memory of Corica’s goal still fresh in our minds and hearts.
It’s undoubtedly going to be a grand final we will sing about for decades to come – See you all on Sunday!

  • SYDvPER 1
  • SYDvPER 2
  • SYDvPER 3
  • SYDvPER 4
  • SYDvPER 5
  • SYDvPER 6
  • SYDvPER 7
  • SYDvPER 8
  • SYDvPER 9
  • SYDvPER 10
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  • SYDvPER 16

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Images from the terrace Courtesy of [FC BALLER]

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